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Highly innovative and passionate with a dash of sass, Logan Rae is a spearheading marketing professional whose underlying mission is to help businesses achieve new levels of scalable growth. As the founder of the leading marketing resource, Argon Agency, Logan has an extensive background involving lead generation, brand/product strategy, digital design, search engine optimization, revenue optimization, and knows how to creatively foster cutting-edge executions that allow businesses to advance above their competition.


Born and raised in one of the toughest areas within Miami, Florida (Carol City), Logan discovered early on the true meaning behind commitment, resilience, and a strong work ethic. Furthermore, she grew up in a home with a mother facing mental health challenges and an absent father, which ultimately became the catalyst for Logan to leverage education to leave her home environment. Upon graduating high school at 15, Logan proceeded to earn her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience from Florida Atlantic University, all while simultaneously getting emancipated at 16 and becoming a teen mom at age 17.


In 2015, Logan chose to branch into the world of entrepreneurship, founding the Bacon Boxes brand. Her marketing efforts and business plans were so effective that the brand became nationalized in less than 20 weeks from product conception. But Logan left her business after leaving an abusive relationship in 2017, leading her to take on a 6-figure CMO position. Though the financial security was there, Logan’s personal morals and values did not align with what the company as a whole stood for, motivating her to quit in 2020 amid the pandemic – which just so happened to be the best-calculated risk she took. Fast forward to today, Logan established Argon Agency and has become a marketing sovereign who has taken on projects ranging from multimillion-dollar addiction treatment centers, FBA product manufacturers, celebrity/NBA basketball training programs to various local businesses. The most impressive part? She built her entire marketing empire all before the age of 26.


In the end, nothing makes Logan happier than helping businesses/organizations unlock their full potential while raising the marketing standards bar. As a wholesome (and a lil’ hood) professional, Logan demonstrates her career ardency by delivering pragmatic, collaborative services that effectively translate business priorities into quality marketing strategies. Overall, she enjoys using her in-depth experience in growth marketing to drive profitable outcomes while instilling some memorable fun along the way. This, in conjunction with her keen relationship-building skills, rich business model knowledge, and proficiency in digital marketing, has all positioned Logan to become the top dog marketing asset she is today with a strong reputation for cultivating successful results.


Being a powerhouse person by nature, Logan is always advancing herself both personally and professionally to give her clients the optimal marketing support they deserve. She also takes pride in proving that tattooed people can, in fact, be successful entrepreneurs despite the untruthful notions that society tends to portray. However, when she is not working or influencing, you can often find her fulfilling her second passion for philanthropy through volunteer/community work, reading, acquiring new certifications, staying fit, gardening, and adding to her exotic plant collection.

Past Accomplishments: 

Forbes Agency Council Member

Inc. Magazine’s Coolest College Startup

SCORE’s American Business Champion 

FAU Techrunway’s Venture Class IV

September 15, 2021

Featured: Shoutout Miami

 May 28, 2021

Featured: FemFounder